bat guano pile

Bat Guano in the Attic

Bats in the attic can cause quite the damage. Bats leave a major mess behind. They tend to roost in the same areas causing large build up of piles.

Insulation Vac

20 HP Insulation Vac

Bat Guano, raccoon feces, or rodent droppings can not be removed most of the time without removing the insulation along with it.

Attic insulation

Replacing the Insulation

Once you remove all of the insulation, sanitize, deodorize, it's time to add new insulation. We can add cellulose or fiberglass back in your attic.

Attic Clean Out Services

The problem we deal with the most is nuisance wildlife in the attic space. Exclusion, trapping, and animal capture is only the first part of the job. Sometimes the most import part to someones health or structure is removing the contaminated insulation. Most animals like bats, raccoon's, birds, mice, rats, and squirrels use your attic as a toilet and leave all kinds of animal waste. Most animals including birds will leave behind parasites like fleas or mites. Raccoon feces contains eggs of the roundworm. The waste in your attic will make your attic smell bad, can be a health risk, and also attract new animals into your attic. At Michigan Bat Control and Wildlife Solutions of Ann Arbor, MI we offer attic cleanup, deodorization, and decontamination services to eliminate contamination in your attic space. We make your attic a safer place by eliminating the odor, bacteria, fungi, and mites. Our attic restoration service includes the following.

Vacuum hoses
Guy holding trash bag

Insulation Removal

Vacuuming out droppings and removing any contaminated insulation from the attic with a 18 horse power insulation vac or with 7 mil plastic construction bags.

Electric Atomist

Sanitize & Odor Control

Attic fogging with environmentally friendly antimicrobial agent to decontaminate your attic. Latex based Killz to remove any odors and lock them out of soiled wood and drywall.

Cellulose Insulation

Replacing the Insulation

Replacing insulation with new cellulose or fiberglass insulation containing with the proper R-value.

One Stop Shop for Wildlife Control & Attic Restoration Services

At Michigan Bat Control of Ann Arbor, MI we offer many attic clean up services. Sometimes your attic may not be damaged enough to have all of the insulation removed. Often times a simple spot clean can be done at a significantly reduced rate which may be just as effective. If your attic is damaged bad enough and you need insulation replaced you may want to contact your homeowners insurance company as a lot of the time they will cover this service. We work with several insurance companies in Washtenaw County, so we can help you to get your attic cleaned and restored. Having animal waste in your attic is not healthy, structurally unstable and should be removed from your attic completely. Raccoon droppings, bat guano, bird nest, and rodent dropping can all cause many diseases and should not be taking lightly. Damaged insulation will not insulate your attic properly and will not ventilate the way it should. If you live within the greater Ann Arbor, MI area or any surrounding areas we service your area. Contact us today for more information.