red squirrel in a trap.

Squirrels Scratching in Attic

You may hear nuts rolling and animals digging in the attic. This usually occurs early in the morning but can continue all day. Have your home inspected for a squirrel problem.

mice dead in traps

Mice in the Attic

One of the most common night time pest is the house mouse. Mice scratch in attic and run underneath the insulation. Mice turn your insulation into Swiss cheese. Have a poison free mice inspection today!

bats in the vent

Bats in the Attic

Most common call we go on is for bats in the attic. Bats roosting in the attic is typically during spring, summer, and Fall. Sometimes you can have a winter bat problem. Call today for a bat inspection.

Hearing Scratching in the attic?

Are you hearing scratching, noises, flapping, running in the attic? Well it could be a mouse, squirrel, bird, raccoon, or in most cases it is a bat roosting under the insulation.  Bats have two sets of claws and use them to drag themselves underneath your insulation to find warm areas to roost. Below you will find scenarios in which you may hear scratching in your attic.

house mouse

Insulation Removal

If you hear animals in the attic or suspect you have a critter problem, we service the greater Ann Arbor, MI area and can provide a free online quote.

Bat Guano

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Have you had an inspection by another company? Would you like a second opinion. Contact an Ann Arbor, Wildlife Specialist for a free inspection today.

skunk in a trap

All Wildlife Control

Concerned about a critter such as a skunk living under your deck? We provide wildlife control property inspections for all types of critters. We service all of the greater Ann Arbor, MI area.

All Wildlife Control Services- Ann Arbor, MI

Have you been invaded by critters? We service Ann Arbor, MI and surrounding areas for all types of critters. Coyote and Fox problems, that’s no problem to us. We are attic pest specialist and are in an attic daily. Once we inspect your home for critters we will give you a comprehensive wildlife control program to solve your nuisance wildlife matter. Need a clean-up in the attic? We do it all. Contact us today for help!

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